Let’s just take you off that drip for a minute, dear, it’s time to start dancing!

I had my very first session as a radio broadcaster last night! I’ve been doing some work experience with Radio Ysbyty Gwynedd, a hospital radio station which broadcasts to the patients of Ysbyty Gwynedd, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and Llandudno hospital. Last night saw me co-present the show with Alan, and yes, I was nervous. Not so much about the broadcasting itself, you understand, because when there’s just the two of you in the studio with the mixing desk and computer, it’s really just as if you’re talking amongst yourselves, albeit with headphones and microphones attached.

No, what was going through my mind the whole time has to do with my tendency towards Stupid, Glaringly Inappropriate Talk, or, in short, the Stupid GIT effect. Those of you who are, like myself, rather absent-minded when it comes to Considering the Consequences, will know exactly what I mean. One becomes accustomed to the awkward silences, the attempts at avoiding eye-contact by feigning an oh-so-sudden interest in one’s own shoelaces, before finally reaching in the thick fog of embarrassment for that ever-handy escape route, the Random Excuse to Leave (or RELeave if you’re taking shorthand).
Most of us, with the exception of, perhaps, Mother Teresa, have been there at some point. You’re in the company of the local vicar, spill the tea as you pass her a cup and, thoughts elsewhere, you mutter “Christ, that’s hot!” as the scalding beverage trickles down your hand.
You’re at the bus stop, talking to the man in the wheelchair, and in the middle of the discussion on the state of public transport you rhetorically inquire, “Don’t you just hate it when you have to leg it for the bus?”

So, when I was doing my co-presenting last night, although I was only really reading out requests, I kept thinking of topics or jokes that I just should mentally label as UNSAFE. There’s an example, right there: I did not, for example, have a “mental” Friday night out; I had, for the sake of the listeners, a delightful time at the…jigsaw club dinner.

Hospitals have got enough issues with people complaining about the lack of hygiene. Let’s hope Hospital Radio doesn’t make it to their list of things which need to be kept clean…