Shut the door, it’s freezing inside!

I’ve just spent some time talking to someone who does a job I never knew existed. He’s the production manager for a company which makes, among other things, the magnetic seals for fridges.

I always thought they were just made along with the whole fridge, but no, the fridge manufacturers have contracts with the company to make these seals, which are specifically designed for various models made by the fridge manufacturer.

Something new, every day, life’s full of surprises, etc…On that note, from Fridge Seal in Australia here are some related facts (you can mock me if you like but I know you’ll read on):

Did you know that typically a family of four opens the fridge door:

20 times a day,

140 times a week,

7,300 times a year

21,900 times in 3 years

36,500 times in 5 years

Cherish this information – remember, it may one day save your life.